Case Studies

The consolidation of process steps allowed for the opportunity to reposition the warehouse layout. To take advantage of reduced transportation and routing, production benches and lines were redesigned resulting in a reduced footprint and cleaner throughput.

FutureDial’s configuration software transformed our forward logistics operations through automation that shortened our customer-shipment turnaround time by 80%,” states Ron Coleman, Tangoe’s Sr. Program Manager for Device Lifecycle Management.

Global Resale embarked upon their latest wireless opportunity from a Lean perspective. Their election to utilize the full suite of FutureDial solutions has enabled them to streamline their process, throughputs and efficiencies.

Product Sheets

Functional testing devices of different makes and models in a high volume environment can reduce your line efficiency and accuracy.

Clear multiple drives across local and network based environments

Artificial Intelligence-driven Mobile Device Problem Diagnostics and Resolution

Simultaneous Pre-Loading and Configuration for Queued Batches of Android and iOS Mobile Devices

Tablet-based System for Mobile Device Inspection and Trade-in Valuation for Retailers

Connects and Charges Multiple Mobile Devices with a FutureDial Solution PC

Real-time Analytics to Monitor Your Business at All Levels

Improve operational productivity for iOS Software Updates

Receipt, triage (functional testing), and content clearing all in a single station