Data Storage EraserTM

Clearing hard drives manually can be very time consuming and requires operator training. When working in a high volume environment that can translate into many hours and resources wasted.

Solution Features

Simultaneous Data Storage Erasure

DSE is a powerful and efficient solution for securely and quickly testing functionality and erasing multiple drives across high-volume processing environments with minimal operator training with versions for detached or installed drives.

Secure Offline Management

As an option, a secure dongle can be provided to connect to the system and process drives without network connections.

Status Indicators

The software provides easy to identify color-coded status indicators for 'At-a-Glance' progress monitoring

Optimal Controls

Operators can choose either global or individual control for optimal versatility. Make specific changes to one drive or many at the same time.

Transaction Reporting

A complete transaction report is provided.

Solution Benefits

Fully Scalable

The system can grow with your business

Easy to Operate

Requires very little operator training

Industry Grade

Erasure satisfies all international standards

High Volume

High-volume erasure processing across multiple drives


Cleared data is unrecoverable


Securely clear multiple drives simultaneously

Supporting Software

For even greater utility, Data Storage EraserTM can be used in conjunction with the following recommended software:


Customizable Data Analytics to Drive Lean Operations

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