Lean One-TouchTM

Need an all-in-one processing solution? Sustained growth and process evolution often leads to an antiquated multi-step system that lacks the flexibility and efficiencies of modern comprehensive operations.

Solution Features

An All-in-One Solution

Reduce waste, improve quality, capacity, and productivity for receipt, triage, and mobile device content clearing all in a single station. Simply plug-and-play and go!


Employing Lean-Six-Sigma philosophies and consolidating processing steps allows for massive impacts on the efficiency of operations.

Streamline Processes

Lean One-Touch supports different iOS and Android devices including tablets and phones simultaneously so you can remove unnecessary pre-sorting stages in your line operations.

Comprehensive Data Tracking

Label printing is included to create a tracker or license plate that follows the device and all transactional data is captured and made available for reporting and analysis.

Hot Swapping

Run perpetually through our ‘hot-swapping’ technology without a single click or interruption when disconnecting completed devices. Simply plug-and-play!

Solution Benefits


Simplified interface provides quick & easy onboarding

Streamlines Process

Automates and consolidates complex multi-step processes into a single station solution


Easily scalable and custom tailored to the customer

Universal Platform Support

Full platform support allows compatibility with any device and model

Automated Updates

Fully automate software updates

Reduce Hardware

Manage and maintain less hardware through process consolidation

Increase in Efficiency


Accuracy in Model Identification

up to

Extra Space / Footprint Required

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Compliance for Activation Locks

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Supporting Software

For even greater utility, Lean One-TouchTM can be used in conjunction with the following recommended software:

iSD Engine

iOS Software distribution for FutureDial Solutions


Customizable Data Analytics to Drive Lean Operations

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