The bottom line isn’t where it needs to be, but where do you start when you don’t know what your true productivity levels are?

Solution Features

The Business Intelligence Solution

Know your numbers to grow your numbers. Deploy this truly intelligent business platform to empower improvement and boost the bottom line by analyzing productivity performance. Automatically monitor and flag issues in near-real time mitigating costly process defects while keeping your finger on the pulse of operations. In addition, the ability to integrate with warehouse management systems, shop floor tools and other ERP systems.

Custom Dashboards

Our professional services team will help you create the dashboards you need on any smart device or computer.

Consolidated Reporting

LeanAlytics integrates with all systems providing single point data collection and display.

Automated Alerts

Targeted and adaptable alerts notify operators in near real-time enabling a quicker response mitigating impact.

Multi-level Data

Deliver critical operations intelligence at all levels from operational line managers up through senior leadership.

Solution Benefits

Reveal Blind Spots

A powerful system for visualizing true productivity levels


Easily scalable and custom tailored to the customer

Easy Integration

We support you to easily integrate systems

Increased Profitability

Get the most out of your operations

Reduced Downtime

Visualize operator and machine downtime and determine causation

Data Visualization

Easy to understand visual representations of key data

Reduction in Equipment Defects

up to

Reduction in Operator Defects

up to

Supporting Software

For even greater utility, LeanAlyticsTM can be used in conjunction with the following recommended software:

Lean One-Touch

Reduce waste, improve quality, capacity, and productivity for receipt, triage, and content clearing all in a single station

Mobile Retailer

Tablet-based System for Mobile Device Inspection and Trade-in Valuation for Retailers


Simultaneous Pre-Loading and Configuration for Queued Batches of Android and iOS Mobile Devices

Data Storage Eraser

Optional System Simultaneous Data Storage Erasure for Multiple Drives for FutureDial Solutions

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