Mobile QTM

Issuing phones to the workforce with manually pre-loaded content including settings, files, and applications is hugely time-consuming and often error-prone.

Solution Features

Powerful Mobile Device Configuration

Create customized profiles and load identical content and settings on one or multiple Android or iOS devices simultaneously with a single click saving carrier, enterprise, and B2B service providers valuable time and resources!

Single Click Configuration

Line operators can batch-load content easily with a single click of a mouse for all connected devices.

Simultaneous Processing

Process up to twenty Android or iOS devices simultaneously.

Profile Manager

MobileQ’s profile manager empowers supervisors to create fully customized customer profiles.

Data Tracking

Transactional data is captured and stored on a central server for your reporting and analytical purposes.

Solution Benefits


Easily scalable and custom tailored for each customer

Platform Compatibility

Full platform support allows configuration for any Android or iOS device


Process numerous devices with ease from one workstation


Load exactly what you need on EVERY device with 100% consistency


Process 200 devices per Man-Hour


Plug & Play simplicity and guided screens reduces training requirements

Process Devices Faster

up to

Reduction in Process Steps/Segments


Platform Compatibility

up to

Simultaneously Configured Devices

per station

Supporting Software

For even greater utility, MobileQTM can be used in conjunction with the following recommended software:

20-Port USB Hub

Connects and Charges Multiple Mobile Devices with a FutureDial Solution PC


Customizable Data Analytics to Drive Lean Operations

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