NTF Investigator TM

Ineffective and inefficient device troubleshooting and product returns create unhappy customers and destroy device and carrier credibility

Solution Features

A Cloud-based Artificial Intelligence Solution

Resolve complex problems, receive field reporting, and manage alerts while the device is still in the hands of the consumer preventing unnecessary 'No Trouble Found' returns and improving customer satisfaction and retention.

Multidimensional Analytics

This solution offers best-in-class analytics in cloud environments of structured and unstructured data sets.

Artificial Intelligence Driven

Determines underlying factors of device problems through contextual inferences and pattern recognition.

Cloud Based

Eliminate the need for customers to bring devices into a physical location for support and deflect potential returns.

Custom Dashboards

Customer care reps receive all the relevant information to craft remedies through a white-label dashboard.

Solution Benefits


Rapid indexing, response time, and updates in near real-time


Contextualized analysis allows the A.I. engine to fully understand the data


Supports intranet, web, mobile, and desktop queries with multi-language capabilities

Custom Testing

Fast and accurate indexing of large data sets within the cloud

Cost Efficient

An efficient large scale search engine with 1/100th the number of servers needed

Intelligent Infer-ability

Capable of inferring results outside a given dataset captured from devices

Number of Servers Needed


Query Response Time

up to

Update Existing Databases

in under

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