RADI Test PlatformTM

Functional testing devices of different makes and models in a high volume environment can reduce your line efficiency and accuracy.

Solution Features


RADI is a fully universal and scalable robotic solution that simulates human user interaction to physically test most mobile devices quickly and efficiency. This cost-effective modular system reduces footprint, cycle and handling time while improving accuracy without requiring the presorting of devices.

Fully Modular

Easily implement with current processes and scale as needed

Device Recognition

Automatically identifies device model and applies correct tests

Extensive Testing Capabilities

Physically tests the extensive array of features found on modern mobile devices then stores the data for export in customer specific formats

Graphical Interface

A visible screen and intuitive interface eases operation

Solution Benefits

No Sorting

Handles multiple product types without pre-sorting


Grow incrementally with a modular system from 2-100 units


Seamlessly connects to Lean One-Touch Software


Reduce costs, footprint and cycle time


Less handling and opportunities for user error


Suits manual, semi-automated & fully automated

Supporting Software

For even greater utility, RADITM Test Platform can be used in conjunction with the following recommended software:

Lean One-Touch

An All-in-One-Solution for Content Clearing of Multiple Mobile Devices


Customizable Data Analytics to Drive Lean Operations

iSD Engine

Optional System Service for FutureDial Solutions

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