20 Port USB Hub

Charging and then processing large volumes of mobile devices can be costly and time-consuming when done one at a time.

Solution Features

A Charging & Processing Hub Solution

The Hub is an industrial grade 20-port USB 3.0 unit that delivers stable high-speed read-write processing performance while charging devices allowing increased volume in far less time.

Intelligent Safety Protections

Built-in protections prevent current, voltage, and temperature overages and short-circuiting.

Active Device Charging

Eliminate power drain during processing with continuous charging to specified levels.

Full Compatibility

Use with USB 1.1 and 2.0 and support hot plug and plug-and-play, all without a driver.

Built-in Power Supply

Built-in 5V 100W power consistently supplies sufficient current.

Output Interface USB 3.0 x 20 ports
Output 1.4 Amps per port
Width 7.125 inches (18.09cm)
Height 5.75 inches (14.60cm)
Depth 2.50 inches (6.35cm)

Solution Benefits

High Transmission Performance

Meets requirements for high transmission performance and large current supplies

Increased Volume

Process up to 20 devices per hub to increase capacity and efficiency

Faster Processing

Charging devices while processing eliminates power drain and time to consume extraneous steps


Utilize with smartphones, tablets, iPads, and other mobile devices

Heat Dissipation

Avoid downtime due to overheating hardware

Industrial Grade

Large-Volume Operator and warehouse ready

Supporting Software

For even greater utility, 20 Port USB Hub can be used in conjunction with the following recommended software:

Lean One-Touch

Receipt, triage (functional testing), and content clearing all in a single station


Simultaneous Pre-Loading and Configuration for Queued Batches of Android and iOS Mobile Devices

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