George Huang founded GCH Systems, Inc. as its Chairman and CEO to develop communications devices and ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) for PC systems. Dr. Huang completed the acquisition of Award Software International by GCH Systems in 1993. Award Software went public in 1996 [NASDAQ:AWRD] which yielded over 100 times return on investment. In 1998, Award Software merged with Phoenix Technologies, Ltd. [NASDAQ:PTEC] where Dr. Huang served as a board member and the Vice-Chairman until March 2006. In his tenure at Phoenix, he also helped take a subsidiary, InSilicon [NASDAQ:INSN] public. At FutureDial, where he now serves as the Chairman and CEO, he has developed mobile system software licensed to wireless operators and cell phone OEMs. He was selected by Venrock, a Rockefeller VC fund, as one of the 40 successful entrepreneurs in its 40 year celebration in 2009. Dr. Huang received a BSEE degree from National Taiwan University; MSEE from Washington State University; and a PhD EE from University of Washington.