Steven Chan joined FutureDial Inc. in 2002 and serves as the Senior Vice President of Technology Development. Mr. Chan has served in the hardware system, software system and semiconductor industries, and has extensive domestic and international management experience. Prior to FutureDial, he served as the VP Engineering at Phoenix Technologies Ltd responsible for the development and deployment of desktop, notebook and server BIOS for the PC industry. During his tenure, Phoenix Technologies held approximately 80% of the worldwide PC desktop and notebook BIOS market share. Mr. Chan served as Corporate VP and General Manager of the Media Division at Chip and Technologies. where his team designed and marketed graphics, video and audio chip sets for the PC industry. Mr. Chan turned the Media division from the lowest performing division of seven divisions to the top performing division at Chip and Technologies. The Media division was subsequently sold to Intel Corporation. Mr. Chan also served as Vice President of Engineering at Headland Technology, Inc. where he developed CPU chip sets. Steve was VP ASIC Design at LSI Logic Corp. Steve received his MSEE degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.