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A complete processing platform customized for your operation

Our SMART Processing Platform™ is an integrated software and robotics platform that offers an automated processing capability for carriers, and mobile device reverse logistics operators around the world, to reduce the costs surrounding receiving, clearing, and testing mobile devices that enter the reverse logistics supply chain.

Incoming Device Receiving

Improve efficiency of receiving operations at device processing warehouses and service centers as preowned devices are drop-shipped for processing. Automate key tasks at the point of receiving and route devices on for processing down the line. Consolidate workflows to guide receiving operators and eliminate time wasted from handling exceptions.

Preliminary device inspection

Determine whether a phone is worth salvaging before it enters the supply chain, saving you time and money. Automate the mobile device identification and inspection process at the point of collection in less than 90 seconds with a zero footprint cloud-based solution that runs on any smart mobile device or computer.

Data-Wiping Network Equipment

FutureDial technology enables user-friendly plug-and-go simultaneous processing and data-wiping of routers, switches and other network equipment for up to 40 network devices per workstation. Fully scalable, ADISA certified and meeting NIST standards for data erasure, you can streamline your network device processing operation and maximize productivity, all while ensuring the highest level of data security. Our technology utilizes various erasure processes depending on the storage media in the device, including a variable number of erasure passes, block erase, customized boot loader, and flash read/write to router/switch for ROM-based devices.

Determine the real value of used phones and tablets

Get better device valuations with FutureDial’s cosmetic grading robots. Say goodbye to subjective grades that don’t hold up at auction – FutureDial delivers consistent and accurate grading so both buyers and sellers know the real value of a device.

Sell devices for up to 15% more


Graded with FutureDial SMART Grade™


Fast and Accurate Testing and Data Clearing

FutureDial makes it easy to test and clear mobile devices efficiently. Both our automated and manual testing solutions offer extensive test capabilities, accelerated test cycle times, and minimal device handling. For high-volume operations, our SMART Test™ robot offers unprecedented efficiency, freeing up your employees for other value-added tasks.

  • Model identification
  • Lock detection
  • Functional diagnostics
  • Cellular service
  • Battery health
  • Lost stolen verification
  • FMIP / FMAP verification
  • Data erasure
  • Data Clearing

Automating Operation Decisions

Flexible, customizable "If-Then" decision logic integratable for end-to-end, device-specific conditional business rules that drive everything about how a mobile device is processed and handled. No extensive "from the ground up" hard-coding of customer-specific "If-Then" logic is needed at the customer's system level. Lessen the reliance on human-based processing decision-making for greater efficiency and line productivity.

Know your numbers to grow your numbers

We collect detailed data points throughout the SMART Processing Platform flow so you can define KPIs, measure performance, and share reports with colleagues and partners. Our online Analytics Platform allows you to monitor your entire operation and drill down to individual stations.

All-in-one solution

From receipt to resale and everything in between, FutureDial gives you the tools you need to optimize your mobile device processing operation.

We’ll create a custom solution that grows with your changing needs, reducing waste and improving quality from end to end.


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