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2016 CTIA Awards Finalist Lean One-Touch Single Station Solution™ by FutureDial Streamlines Workflows & Boosts Profit Margins for the Mobile Device Supply Chain

FutureDial’s Lean One-Touch Platform™ is recognized by CTIA industry expert panel for award consideration as a Best in Mobility Management Solution for automating and consolidating device processing to increase speed and effectiveness while driving down operation costs for mobile supply chain businesses.

SUNNYVALE, CA – August 24, 2016 – The reverse supply chain for smartphones and tablets is big business, with over 40 million handsets entering the reverse logistics channel alone in North America this year. Millions of dollars’ worth of devices go through logistics warehouse processing lines each day.  The wireless market will spend $400,000,000 in processing labor this year; utilizing processes often fraught with inefficiencies and bottlenecks including excessive touch points on the line operations, costing these businesses time and money. Silicon Valley’s FutureDial, the leading provider of mobile device processing solutions for the device renewal and re-commerce industries, has developed a new platform for more efficient and economical re-commerce operations.

FutureDial’s new Lean One-Touch Single Station Solution™ (or Lean One-Touch™) combines Lean and Six Sigma process improvement methodologies to deliver a software solution that empowers smartphone and tablet reverse logistics and re-commerce companies. Modeling FutureDial’s breakthrough technology platform powering Lean One-Touch™ shows processing labor cost is lowered by 40% and floor space and WIP are reduced by up to 50%. Lean One-Touch™ increases the speed and effectiveness of key processes within mobile device processing business operations – resulting in increased capacity, reduced waste, lower training and onboarding costs, thereby increasing overall profit margins.

Key Issues Addressed by FutureDial’s Lean One-Touch™ Platform:

  1. End-to-End synchronicity from collections to resale that eliminate redundant processing and logistics.
  1. Automation of the Complexities of Process Variables: Removes the thought process and decision-making from the line operator, and handles the heavy lifting of mobile device testing in the line operations.
  1. Consolidation of Processing Steps: By simplifying the operator interaction, testing requirements are consolidated into a single-piece process workflow.
  1. Reduction of Common Wastes: FutureDial’s Lean One-Touch™ platform eliminates common operational problems such as:
  • Transportation: Eliminates moving product between multiple process steps.
  • Inventory: Lower WIP means lower inventory management, risk & depreciation.
  • Motion: Automated testing eliminates motion previously performed by line operators.
  • Waiting: Single-piece flow eliminates labor costs due to workflow balance and waiting.
  • Over Production: Single-step flow eliminates process balance issues.
  • Over Processing: Logical automated testing criteria eliminate excessive testing.
  • Defects: Automation is more accurate than human operator’s thereby increasing quality.

Big Cost Reductions from Minimizing Motion:“Reverse supply chain operators have been in need of simple solutions that would help make the difference in keeping their processing operations both efficient and profitable,” said Stephen Manning, Chief Commercial Officer at FutureDial. “Our automated solutions and platform make that difference a reality with savings across all elements of reverse logistics processing, potentially saving the industry upwards of $160 million in labor processing alone.”

Lean One-Touch™ Platform Saves Costs Throughout the Mobile Device Supply Chain:

Expanding its footprint beyond data-clearing mobile devices for re-commerce, FutureDial has developed mobile device processing solutions that are deployed throughout the mobile device supply chain; currently in use by mobile device manufacturers, wireless carriers, trade-in collections, return processing and the secondary market. “Our solutions like Lean One-Touch help the wide variation of businesses within the wireless re-commerce market through device identification and data clearing, as well as functional diagnostics of devices for triage operations,” says Angel Anderson, Product Solutions Manager at FutureDial. “From reading each device’s asset tracking information like IMEI, or checking for a device’s lost or stolen status, to automated and operator-assisted functional testing of devices, our Lean platform solution really impacts and improves today’s supply chain. We remove process barriers, leverage end-to-end solutions, and much more to remove redundancies in the supply chain. Our platform reduces floor space and WIP up to 50%, and reduces up to 40% in labor costs. Having a comprehensive software solution that has been designed for end-to-end flexibility today is key for tomorrow’s supply chain.”

Lean One-Touch™ Selected as Finalist in Sept 2016 CTIA eTech Awards:

FutureDial’s Lean One-Touch™ solution has been selected as a finalist in the Everything Industrial & Enterprise category for “Best in Mobility Management Solutions” in the 2016 CTIA Awards program by a panel of recognized industry experts, media and analysts, who judged hundreds of submissions. Winners will be announced and awarded in a ceremony on the Connected Life and Startup Stage (booth #3715) during CTIA Super Mobility 2016 in Las Vegas on Sept. 8th, 2016 at 2:00pm. FutureDial is excited and honored that its Lean One-Touch product has been recognized by experts as being among the best in the industry.

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