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Accurate, Certifiable Functional Testing for Preowned Mobile Phones ― Why it Matters for Resellers


With growing consumer appetite for preowned mobile phones, having the highest verifiable phone quality and functionality are your secret weapons in putting forth the most attractive devices for resale. If a reseller is getting the functional testing of those preowned devices done right, then you are not just selling devices — you’re selling peace of mind. So gear up, resellers! With spot-on testing, you’ll unlock greater success in the profitable preowned phone market.


Accurate Verifiable Testing: Your Ticket to Reselling Glitch-Free Devices

The mobile phone resale game is on fire! Everyone’s upgrading, and more of those old phones are getting a second life on the market. But if you’re in the business of flipping phones, you know it’s not just about moving units — it’s about moving them the right way, offering great quality at profitable prices. That’s where Accurate Verifiable Functional Testing comes in. It’s like the “secret sauce” that makes the difference.

Here’s the deal: buyers want phones that work like a charm, not ones that give them headaches. And if you want to stay ahead of the competition, you have to make sure that every device you sell is top-notch. That’s where nailing those functional tests becomes your ticket to success: it’s a game-changer.

So, why does it matter so much? Well, think about it: ever wonder why some preowned phones sell like hotcakes while others gather dust? It all comes down to accurate testing, verifying the quality, and  optimal pricing based on that quality rating. Consistently accurate functional testing gives you the lowdown on a preowned mobile phone’s actual condition. Spot a wonky camera or a battery on its last legs? You’re equipped to set a fair price and give your customers exactly what they’re paying for — no surprises, just pure value. Or, you have the option to update the glitchy component to maximize your resale.

So, if you’re ready to dominate the resale scene, it’s time to up your testing game. Dive deep into every nook and cranny, test those phones accurately, and make sure you can verify the quality with consistent test results and quality certifications. It’s not just about selling phones; it’s about selling peace of mind. And with spot-on testing, your reselling business can be unstoppable in the market. 

The Significance of Functional Testing

Functional testing is like giving a phone a full health check-up, from its hardware to its software. Sure, it might sound simple, but it’s a big deal in the resale world. Why? Because it’s the difference between a phone that flies off the shelves and one that collects dust.

Here’s the scoop: when you test a phone, you’re not just making sure it works — you’re also setting its actual value. A glitchy touchscreen or camera or crappy buttons can tank its resale price faster than you can say “upgrade.” But get it right, and you’re golden.

And it’s not just about the money. Happy customers are the name of the game in the resale biz. Nobody wants a lemon of a phone that dies on them after a week. Accurate testing means happy customers, which means repeat business and rave reviews.

And let’s not forget about the reputation game. In this cutthroat market, your rep is everything. Nail your quality tests, and customers will consider you as the “go-to” source for getting their hands on the best preowned phones. But if you slip up, then you’re on the fast track to “buyer beware” territory. So with accurate testing, you’re not just selling phones — you’re selling Trust, and that is priceless.

Price Tag Power in Resale Price Setting

Setting the right price for a preowned phone is like finding the sweet spot between making bank and keeping customers happy. And you know what? Consistently accurate functional testing is your secret weapon in hitting that sweet spot.

Here’s the deal: testing isn’t just about ticking boxes — It’s about getting the lowdown on a phone’s condition. Spot a dodgy camera or a battery that’s on its last legs? That’s your cue to adjust the price tag accordingly.

Think about it: why do some preowned phones fly off the shelves while others gather dust? It’s all about the testing. Get it right, and you’re not just setting a price — you’re setting the stage for a win-win deal. No more guessing games, no more crossed fingers. Just straight-up value that customers can’t resist.

So, next time you’re pricing a phone, remember: accurate testing isn’t just good business — it’s the key to unlocking top dollar amongst all other phones in the market competing for a customer’s attention. Get those prices right, and watch those phones fly off the shelves!

Smiling Customers, Thriving Business: The Key to Resale Success
Let’s talk customer satisfaction — aka the holy grail of the resale game. In a world where buyers have options coming out their ears, keeping them happy is non-negotiable. We can all relate to how buyers want to know they’re getting a deal they can count on. That’s where accurate functional testing swoops in to save the day. By putting every phone through the wringer before it hits the market, you’re not just selling devices — you’re selling peace of mind.

Nobody wants to drop cash on a lemon. By catching any sneaky defects or glitches before they become a problem, you’re showing your customers that you’ve got their backs. And you know what happens when customers feel taken care of? They come back for more, AND they tell their friends.

So, if you’re serious about crushing it in the resale game, customer satisfaction is your secret weapon. Get those phones tested accurately, show your customers that the phones they buy have undergone rigorous checks, keep those customers smiling, and watch your business boom. It’s as simple as that.


Golden Rule of Resale: Reputation is King

Alright, let’s talk about reputation — the bread and butter of the resale game. Your rep is everything, and it’s built on two things: quality products and top-notch service. When your business is known for selling phones that work like a dream, customers trust you. They know they’re getting the real deal, and they keep coming back for more. But slip up and sell a lemon? Well, let’s just say your rep takes a hit faster than you can say “refund.”

So, your business reputation is your currency. It’s what sets you apart from the fly-by-night sellers and keeps customers coming back, choosing you over anyone else. And you know what? Thorough testing of the phones you resell, verifying the quality to your customers, is the name of the game when it comes to building that rep.

So, if you’re serious about long-term success in the resale biz, investing in top-notch testing isn’t just a good idea — it’s a must. Build that rep, keep those customers happy, and watch your business soar. It’s as simple as that.

Best Practices for Functional Testing

Let’s talk about nailing your functional testing game. Here’s the lowdown on the best practices every reseller should follow to make sure those preowned phones are up to snuff:

Hardware Inspection: Check under the hood of each device, and take a good look at the hardware for physical damage, such as cracks, scratches, or dents. Test every component, from the display to the buttons, to make sure they’re all in working order.

Battery Health: Give that battery a health check. We’re talking about using diagnostic tools to determine if it meets industry standards and can hold an adequate charge. You need to be certain that the battery can keep the juice flowing when your customers need it most.

Software Evaluation: Perform a comprehensive software assessment, including checking for updates, make sure the operating system is tip-top, and give that touchscreen a workout to ensure it’s as responsive as can be.

Connectivity Testing: What’s the use of a phone if it’s a brick that can’t connect with anything? So you need to throroughly and accurately test Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular, and NFC connectivity to ensure seamless communication and compatibility with networks and accessories.

Documentation and Reporting: Maintain detailed records of the testing process, including any issues encountered and their resolutions. Provide clear and transparent reports to customers outlining the results of the functional testing. Transparency is key. If you can show customers the detailed verified test results to certify the quality and justify your asking price, that provides powerful proof toward closing the sale and securing customer trust and loyalty.

And There’s More…Much More…

With the above in mind, let’s talk about covering all the bases when it comes to testing your phones. If you really want to impress your customers and give them peace of mind, imagine how persuasive it would be to show them exactly what you’ve checked and verified. There’s a whole checklist of components that need to pass the test to ensure top-notch quality and get you the best resale prices possible.

Components like the proximity sensor, accelerometer and gyro, checking its lost/stolen status, checking if it has been rooted or jailbroken, or whether it needs its firmware or other apps reflashed or updated, or perhaps needs the previous wireless carrier branding to be removed ― there are many other aspects that need to be vetted and certified before you put that phone out for resale.

Is your resale business providing verifiable assurance for components like these listed below? If not, you are missing out on a powerful assurance opportunity with your buyers:

  1. Touch Test

  2. Display test 

  3. Display backlight test 

  4. Audio test – speaker 

  5. Audio test – headset 

  6. Vibration test 

  7. Button test 

  8. Motion sensor test 

  9. Camera flash test 

  10. Infrared emitter test 

  11. Button backlight test 

  12. Heart rate monitor test 

  13. S-pen (stylus) test 

  14. Light sensor test 

  15. Microphone test 

  16. Bluetooth test 

  17. Connector test 

  18. NFC tag reading test 

  19. Camera test 

  20. Notification light test   

  21. Force touch sensor test 

  22. Proximity sensor test 

  23. Pressure sensor test 

  24. Operating system version test 

  25. SIM card test 

  26. SD card test 

  27. GPS signal test 

  28. GSM radio test 

  29. Fingerprint reader test 

  30. Root test 

  31. Baseband version test 

  32. Battery test 

  33. Wi-fi radio signal test 

  34. Performance video test 

  35. Face ID test 

  36. Switch test

The Choice: Do All that Testing Manually, or Automatically?

Alright, let’s talk efficiency. You’ve got hundreds, maybe even thousands, of preowned phones pouring in to your processing center or warehouse daily, waiting to be prepped for resale. So, here’s the question: are you going to throw manpower at the problem and have teams of workers manually tap-tap-tapping away on each device, testing each and every component, and hope they don’t make mistakes hour after hour as they work through the piles of phones? Or, are you going to let automation take the wheel to do the heavy lifting, ensuring consistent, repeatable spot-on testing round the clock, with no slips or misses?

Functional testing tools are your ticket to smooth sailing. With specialized software, robotics, these testing tools are designed specifically for checking mobile devices, so you can automate the whole testing process. That means accurate, cnsistently repeatable testing, hour after hour, day after day, week after week, without breaking a sweat.

Stand Out, Sell Smart with Top-Notch Testing

In the grand scheme of things, accurate and repeatable functional testing is the backbone of the preowned phone resale game. It’s not just about setting prices or keeping customers happy — it’s ultimately about building a reputation that stands the test of time.

Let’s face it: standing out is tough. But by putting quality and reliability first, resellers can carve out their own slice of success. Investing in top-notch testing isn’t just a smart move — it’s a promise to deliver the goods, every time. And in a world where trust is currency, that promise is worth its weight in gold.

So, here’s the bottom line: for resellers who are serious about making waves in the secondary phone market, accurate testing isn’t just an option — it’s a must. By following these best practices, you’ll be on track to deliver top-quality phones that keep customers coming back for more.

Transform Your Device Testing with Precision and Speed

Join the many enterprises in the industry who trust FutureDial to power up their quality assurance processes with cutting-edge testing automation solutions. Our state-of-the-art software and robotics don’t just streamline refurbishment and functional testing processes — they provide meticulously verified, documented records of every test result, certifying unparalleled quality assurance.

Whether you’re a phone reseller, refurbisher, wireless carrier, 3PL, MNO/MVNO, wholesaler, or any other key player in the reverse mobile supply chain, FutureDial is your ultimate strategic partner to equip your business for automation and success in today’s fiercely competitive market.

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