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FutureDial’s Data Analytics Solution Helps Customers Drive Out Cost from their Operations and Supply Chain

FutureDial’s LeanAlytics™ Solution Offers Single-Point Customizable Data Analytics delivering Business Intelligence insight for customers such as Retailers, Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PL),and Wireless Carriers.

Las Vegas, NV — Sept. 6, 2016 — Companies that process millions of collected mobile devices, iOT appliances, and accessories for their after-sales programs generate terabytes of transactional data from their reverse logistics supply chain. Data is gathered across multiple systems in the supply chain resulting in fragmented data collection, making integration and analysis extremely challenging. Announcing during CTIA’s Super Mobility 2016 this week, Silicon Valley’s FutureDial Incorporated has developed a near real-time customizable data-analytics solution to help these companies to monitor and closely manage their supply chain saving millions in operational costs and lost productivity.

Interacting with Data from your Entire Operation:

FutureDial’s new LeanAlytics™ Business Intelligence solution enables our customer’s to interact with their supply chain in an exciting new way through data visualization on any mobile device or computer. The flexibility of FutureDial’s customizable LeanAlytics™solution provides unprecedented visibility into retail operations, supply chain, and trending, so that FutureDial customers have exactly the metrics that their business needs. While common reporting today shows limited information that forces management to constantly search for issues, FutureDial’s LeanAlytics™ Dashboard performs the searching and immediate notification of issues for effective supply chain management. This liberates managers and executives to focus on proactive problem solving and employing strategies to streamline their operations.

“We understand that businesses must operate at the speed of light handling complex problems that require rapid decisions and execution to maintain a competitive edge,” comments Thomas Rayas, SVP Marketing and Customer Success for FutureDial. “Our new LeanAlytics platform works hand-in-hand with our customers’ demands for meaningful, real-time analysis aiding in thoughtful, educated decisions and action; we help put the power of business intelligence where our customers need it the most: right at their fingertips twenty-four hours a day.”

Put Operational Data into Insightful Context:

Many data points are needed to provide proper context and many businesses use multiple systems that results in fragmented data collection. FutureDial’s LeanAlytics™ business intelligence dashboard provides a single-point integrated front end where data from all systems are ingested to compute and present the analysis that is possible beyond today’s traditional reporting mechanisms.

FutureDial’s LeanAlytics™ — More Power to See End-to-End Connection of your Operational Data:

  • The Power Automated Monitoring: Configure LeanAlytics™ to monitor and notify stakeholders when specific trends occur, mitigating risk against reductions in throughput or unproductive downtime.
  • Enables Strong Governance: Publish and share information so your entire team has access to a single, secure source of operational data.
  • Scalable to Grow with your Needs: Whether you’re enabling a platform for a team or for an entire organization, LeanAlytics™ is ready to grow with you scaling as your data sets increase.

Integrate your various data sources to tell you the complete story saving you money and time:

“Data points that would otherwise be impossible in segmented systems now become a reality when you merge multiple databases together,” explains Darren Madonick FutureDial’s Technical Solutions Manager. “Our professional services can help you run analytics across all of your supply chain through integration and customized dashboards delivering insights that you might have otherwise missed. For example, in your Warehouse Management System (WMS) you know how many units are in inventory or various locations within the warehouse; processing workstations can tell you how many devices have been handled. When you combine these two systems leveraging the data collected from FutureDial’s Lean One-Touch™ software platform, LeanAlytics can generate flags or alerts that a specific training need has been identified on a particular step in the process or with an identified handset model based on line and workstation trending analysis. This level of visibility far surpasses traditional systems that merely point out deficiencies in quality or a general training deficiency.”

More Power and More Possibilities to See the End-to-End Connection of Your Data:

  • Device/accessory collection statistics
  • Error rate/code statistics
  • Uptime/Downtime Statistics
  • Fault monitoring and alerts
  • Production requirements based on model specific data
  • Turn time statistics
  • Shrink Analysis
  • Work in Progress
  • Limit alerts for all processing positions
  • Calculated activities external to autonomous systems
  • Volume that is (handled) outside of a single system (such as receipt or disposition)

Data that is on Speaking Terms with Your Business:

FutureDial’s LeanAlytics™ Dashboards are customizable to display exactly the metrics your business model dictates:

  • Don’t get stuck with off -the-shelf packages that simply don’t fit
  • Visualization the way you want to see it
  • All of your key metrics on steroids
  • Define dashboards tailored to specific levels of management
  • Access via smart-phone, tablet, or computer
  • Operating lines, workstation-based, real-time data
  • Determine goals and trends with Performance Reports
  • Receive Diagnostic Alerts to know what needs attention
  • Reporting on Efficiencies to aid in managing turn-around-time to protect margins and profitability

Turn your Data into Cash:

With FutureDial’s new LeanAlytics™ Dashboard powering your data analytics, you will have far more opportunities to control costs and maximize profitability for your operations than ever before:

  • Tighter Accountability – interpret inventory trends
  • Better Forecasting – model specific process time factors
  • Efficient – eliminate manual reporting/distribution activities
  • Cost of Production – improve throughput rates while reducing downtime
  • Improve Quality – easily identify bottlenecks while maintaining higher levels of quality
  • Reduce Cost – easily identify cost factors in process such as waste or unnecessary redundancies
  • Individualized Performance Metrics – measure individual opportunities for streamlining your workforce

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