Unlike Some Mobile Device Data Clearing Solutions on the Market, FutureDial Ensures Genuine, Thorough R2v3 Data Erasure Compliance


R2v3 is Here – Does Your Current Data Erasure Operation Measure Up?

Other solutions may make claims about data clearing mobile devices for resale, by issuing a simple “clear” command to the mobile device and assuming a “pass” status, without any sort of validation. FutureDial’s solutions exemplify the pinnacle of authenticity in R2v3 data sanitization, employing a proprietary method perfected over several years of relentless refinement. By adhering to the R2v3 standards, FutureDial’s solution goes above and beyond, leaving no vestige of data on mobile devices once the meticulous wiping process reaches its completion, providing customers with unparalleled peace of mind that the phones they refurbish and resell are truly R2v3-compliant and free of sensitive information.

Don’t risk non-compliance, reputational damage to your business and legal liabilities for inadequate erasure of device you resell. Find out why FutureDial stands out as truly delivering on R2v3-compliance for your refurbishing and reselling operation.


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