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Mobile Device Re-Commerce Processors are Freed from Operational Bottlenecks with New Streamlined Apple iOS Software Updating System from FutureDial

FutureDial’s New Time-Saving iOS Software Distribution Engine™ (iSD Engine™) Empowers Mobile Device Recyclers to Streamline and Automate iOS Software Updates from the Apple iOS Repository Server


SUNNYVALE, CA — March 21, 2016 — Mobile device renewal and re-commerce processing companies which process thousands of pre-owned Apple iPhones and iPads each day have had to endure downtime and delays due to necessary periodic device software updates from the Apple iOS Repository Server, which typically take several hours to download and distribute to the workstations in their line operations. This poses considerable operational bottleneck problems at their warehouses whenever Apple releases a new version of iOS device software.

To resolve this problem, FutureDial, the leading provider of mobile device processing solutions for the device renewal and re-commerce industries, has developed breakthrough automated updating technology to streamline the download and distribution of iPhone and iPad operating system software files for saving time in the update process.

Streamlining and Automating the Update Process:

FutureDial’s new iOS Software Distribution Engine™ (or iSD Engine™) enables Wireless Carriers, Re-Commerce Processors, Mobile Device Buy-Back Trade-In companies and Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PL) the time-saving ability to automatically download and distribute iOS software update files to multiple PC workstations via a single download to an on-site server. This server is specially configured and installed by FutureDial and can be managed by the internal IT departments of the operator’s facility. The iSD Engine™ service is designed for customers with as few as 5 or more than 400 client PC workstations running FutureDial’s GreenT™ or iRT™ processing solutions, which operators use for processing thousands of iOS devices each day for renewal.

FutureDial’s VP of Products, Dwight Huang, explained an example of cost savings that an operator can achieve with FutureDial’s new iSD Engine™ technology: “A tier-1 Third-Party Logistics Provider with multiple warehouse locations would usually require 30 or more minutes per workstation to receive updates via manual methods, often by using a USB thumb drive. Given the large number of workstations involved at such operator sites—upwards of 200 PCs—the total time required to update all the machines is up to 100 hours, requiring 6 IT personnel for an entire shift! Now, by using the iSD Engine, a single IT administrator can automatically schedule distributions across workstations at optimal times (non-work hours), saving on downtime and bottlenecks.”

The iSD Engine automatically checks the Apple iOS Repository Server every 30 minutes for the latest Apple iOS Software updates. If a new update is detected, it is downloaded and awaits certification from FutureDial, which performs verification tests within the first 24 hours to ensure that the Apple updates will work with GreenT™ and iRT™ client programs. Once verified and certified, FutureDial’s CMC Server pushes a verification notification to the Customer’s On-Site Server, which then automatically distributes and installs the certified iOS Update files to the client workstations.

Customer Benefits and Advantages with FutureDial’s iSD Engine™:

  • Automates the iOS software download as soon as Apple releases a new version, mitigating risk of missing critical update windows.
  • Digitally distributes all of the iOS software files to FutureDial client workstations within the customer footprint, greatly freeing up IT resources.
  • Automated distribution ensures that the iOS software updates are not corrupted and are properly installed every time, eliminating hours of down time.
  • Powerful Admin Controls: The iSD Engine’s powerful and simple to use administration console delivers full scheduling control for updates and automating legacy file cleanup to maintain enough storage space for future updates, as well as the option to do a manual cleanup if desired. Administrators also have the flexibility to organize the priority of update distribution to their many workstations in up to 10 tiers (example: Update 50 PC workstations in the First Tier, then 30 Workstations in the Second Tier, etc.) which helps minimize network bandwidth consumption.

Collaborative Agile Development that Keeps Customer Operations Running Smoothly:
“FutureDial continually evaluates technology and methodologies with our customers to innovate and provide best-in-class products and solutions,” said FutureDial’s SVP Marketing & Customer Success, Thomas Rayas. “This new iSD Engine is another example of our collaborative, cross-functional agile development approach with our customers to deliver world-class software solutions; and given the number of iOS updates Apple releases each year, we firmly believe our customers will gain the edge to stay competitive, be more profitable and stay operationally lean in their line operations.”

“Wireless Carriers, Mobile Device Buy-Back Trade-In companies and Third-Party Logistics Providers can now keep their processing operations humming,” said Stephen Manning, Chief Commercial Officer at FutureDial. “Our customers are already benefitting from the gains of having a more streamlined, time-saving system that removes bottlenecks and reduces downtime for their operations.”

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