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Mobile Retailer Solution™ by FutureDial Enables Mobile Retailers to Easily Inspect Condition and Determine Value of Devices upon Trade-in

FutureDial’s Mobile Retailer Solution™ is a Cloud-based System for Aiding in Mobile Device Inspection, Triage, and Trade-in Valuation for Retailers at the Point of Collection

Showcased at CTIA Super Mobility 2016 – Booth 1370A

SUNNYVALE, CA – August 31, 2016 – Stores offering mobile device triage and trade-in services often face bottlenecks and delays as they must test, evaluate, and estimate trade-in values for the many different device models brought into stores by customers. The store’s customer sales representative (CSR) often performs a number of cumbersome manual inspections in order to determine the trade-in value or condition of the device for in-warranty returns.  This is typically labor-intensive, time-consuming, and beset with risk in recording inaccurate data or potentially misdiagnosing an issue, thereby creating a costly “no trouble found” unit on the return.

Mobile Retailer Solution™: A Single Service to Handle Receipt, Inspection, Test, and Valuation

Silicon Valley’s FutureDial Incorporated has developed a powerful, easy-to-use system for receiving, inspecting, and accurately valuing every mobile device traded-in or returned at the collection point in real-time. FutureDial’s new Mobile Retailer Solution™ empowers store reps at the point of collection to easily perform important device functionality tests as well as quickly retrieve vital trade-in value estimates for their customers.

FutureDial will be showcasing this new solution at CTIA Super Mobility 2016 at Booth #1370A in the Smart Retail Zone, from Sept 7-9, 2016 at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas.


Zero Footprint and Minimal Setup: Stores are Up-and-Running Immediately

“A key advantage in FutureDial’s new offering is that no major investment in hardware is needed at the point of collection to get started; the only equipment required is a Wi-Fi enabled tablet, an internet connection, and a label printer,” says Brad Treese, VP Sales and Business Development for FutureDial. “All of the processing is handled through the cloud and the devices are accessed wirelessly. Our zero footprint advantage helps our Mobile Retailer customers focus on the business at hand: turning around those high value devices quickly, efficiently, and accurately to protect their margins.”

Full Smartphone Coverage

Designed to expedite high-value smart devices brought to a store for upgrade, return, or trade, FutureDial’s Mobile Retailer Solution™ supports all Android and iOS smartphones and tablets on the market. A single system performs all of the functions needed to service customers simply, accurately, and rapidly.  Devices outside these platforms can also be identified, and assigned valuations through operator input.

User-Friendly Guided Screens help CSRs through Consistent Mobile Device Inspection

The interface of Mobile Retailer Solution™ is easy for the CSR to operate with no “learning curve;” and screen prompts help to guide the CSR through inspection, triage, and condition capture of devices for accurate valuation and routing.  This greatly reduces incorrect valuations as well as no fault found returns. The system utilizes an easily installed application to help the CSR run a customized suite of functionality tests.

Increased Valuation Accuracy for Trade-In Devices

Functional testing of trade-in devices is made simple through FutureDial’s Mobile Retailer Solution™; the test results help the retailer gauge an accurate condition for device grading, routing, and valuation. Test results are noted on the system screen on the CSR’s Tablet, which are later used for device valuation and disposition. Mobile Retailer Solution™ takes the device condition information and interfaces with backend third-party valuation databases to quickly present device trade-in values for the CSR to present and discuss with customers. There are no bottlenecks or delays, so transactions can flow smoothly.

Print-Out Inventory Labels for Trade-in Processing

Screens assign SKUs and guide the CSR to easily and immediately print out inventory labels of devices accepted for buy-back/trade-in, warranty exchange, or return processing.

Track Transactions from the Cloud

Retail store management can monitor time-stamped transaction activity for sites and by each CSR, as well as gain understanding of market trends helpful to their business operations.

Easiest and Most Cost Effective Solution on the Market

“With close to 1.5 billion devices expected to be shipped in 2016 and the first cycle of the carrier’s device-leasing model coming full circle, mobile retailers handling buy-back/trade-in and returns are hard pressed to pull those devices back through their reverse supply chain accurately and rapidly,” explains Thomas Rayas, FutureDial’s SVP Marketing and Customer Success. “FutureDial’s new Mobile Retailer Solution equips their store reps with the easiest and most cost effective solution on the market today delivering a wireless, zero-footprint solution that is customizable and can scale with our customers’ needs. Stop by our booth at CTIA Super Mobility and see for yourself.”

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