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Processing Volume through FutureDial Solutions Flourished to Over 30 Million Mobile Devices in 2016

In 2016, FutureDial processed a record $6 Billion worth of mobile devices
worldwide in the re-commerce supply chain

SUNNYVALE, CA — Feb 28, 2017 — FutureDial, the leading provider-of-choice of mobile device processing solutions for Wireless Carriers, Retailers, Mobile Device Buy-Back Trade-In companies, Third-Party Logistics, and ITAD Providers, announced today that in 2016 the company marked its highest recorded business volume, with the company’s solutions having processed 30,782,064 Android and iOS-based mobile device transactions worldwide, as well as increasing support to cover 3,667 different mobile device smartphones and tablets. Given year-end residual value averages, FutureDial solutions processed over $6 Billion worth of smartphones worldwide, within the secondary markets.

A Record Year For Device Processing Volume

Increase in markets, as well as in the company’s customer base, has lead FutureDial to exceed the cumulative processing milestone of over 30 Million devices across North America, Asia and Europe. The company’s flagship product, Lean One-Touch™, has helped enable its customers to process enough devices to cover 66 acres of land. FutureDial and its customers pride themselves in keeping these second-hand devices out of landfills and into the hands of consumers not prepared or equipped to purchase brand new.

“FutureDial’s software processing volume and number of customers is a testament to our leadership position within the marketplace,” states Thomas Rayas, SVP Marketing & Customer Success for FutureDial. “This landmark caps an extraordinary year for FutureDial and we are extremely pleased with our 2016 performance.”


2017 to See Additional Growth Through New Technologies and Consumer Demand

As mobile device processing volume continues to increase by the millions with more trade-ins and buy-backs, FutureDial offers its customer base of mobile device reverse logistics operators, wireless carriers and retail operators powerful software to capture and track every one of these 30+ Million device processing transactions with its proprietary LeanAlytics™ business intelligence solution, which helps these operators to become more efficient and increase their throughput for faster turnaround times in their mobile device processing operations. Early trend analysis through this business intelligence software predicts positive growth in the sector for 2017.

“The continual improvements within the evolution of mobile technology and increase in functionality will continue to drive consumers to desire the latest in technological advancements across mobile devices,” predicts Steve Manning, FutureDial’s Chief Commercial Officer. “These new products coupled with the aggressive leasing and trade-in programs offered by the wireless carriers will shorten ownership cycles and increase volume pull-through in the secondary markets, thereby creating more software-based device touches for FutureDial. We expect 2017 to be another banner year for the company.”

Additionally, 2017 will see new technologies emerging from FutureDial, ranging from new user interface updates in software solutions, to new services and products that will streamline mobile device collection in retail operations; new front-end solutions that will alleviate inefficiencies and backlogs for FutureDial’s customer base are also on the roadmap.

FutureDial intends on broadening its reach within the supply chain through improvements to its flagship Lean One-Touch™ platform as well as new solutions aiding in receipt and asset tracking. FutureDial will also market its recently announced Mobile Retailer Solution as well as press forward in the area of No Trouble Found (NTF) reduction. This combination of product enhancements and new product introductions are expected to help the company continue its growth trajectory.

“FutureDial’s positive momentum will continue in the form of customer growth, new market development, and technological innovation,” states FutureDial CEO & Chairman, George Huang. “Our investment strategies are paying off and we will continue to place high regard in the areas of customer success, employee development, and key market growth as well as continual efforts within R&D.”


About FutureDial

Founded in 1999, FutureDial is the leading provider of device processing solutions for the mobile device supply chain. FutureDial’s easy-to-use, automated platform reduces the number of operator touches, saving time and money for Mobile Device Buy-Back Trade-In companies, Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PL), Wireless Carriers and Mobile Device Manufacturers (OEMs). By simplifying processes, consolidating work flows, and giving insight into business operations, FutureDial makes these businesses more efficient, profitable, and responsive to their customer needs. For more information, please visit futuredial.staging.wpengine.com or email to sales@futuredial.com

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