Mobile Retailer SolutionTM

As a mobile retailer, your space and time are limited. Are you tired of expensive dedicated hardware taking up valuable space? The tangled web of unorganized cables and wires creates a poor impression and a messy shopping experience for your customers. The longer they wait, the fewer customers you can help.

Solution Features

Cloud-based Mobile Device Evaluation

Automate the mobile device identification and testing process at the point of collection in less than 90 seconds with a zero footprint cloud-based solution that runs on any smart mobile device or computer!


Running on the cloud means this is a completely wireless solution. Finally, be rid of messy unorganized cables that detract from the customer experience.

Platform Independent

Our system can test and evaluate Android and iOS devices seamlessly.


Seamlessly integrate with your existing Point of Sale software.

90 Second Turnaround

Increased efficiency and accuracy with a 90 second turnaround time for your customers.

Solution Benefits

Quick & Easy

Run full triage and evaluate devices for resale in 90 seconds or less with an easy-to-use cloud based service

Space Saving

This zero-footprint solution runs on your existing smart mobile device or computer


Automating the process means eliminating unnecessary errors providing a reliable result every time

No Extra Hardware

Eliminate the need to acquire additional cumbersome and often expensive hardware and dedicated appliances

Additional Testing

Enables additional tests not currently available throughout the manual process

Increase Trade-in Value

With less margin for error, end users can enjoy more accurate and often higher trade-in values

Increase in Efficiency


Accuracy in Model Identification

up to

Extra Space / Footprint Required

up to

Compliance for Activation Locks

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Supporting Software

For even greater utility, Mobile Retailer SolutionTM can be used in conjunction with the following recommended software:


Customizable Data Analytics to Drive Lean Operations

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