Clarice brings to FutureDial over 10 years of PC and software experience in operations and management. She held various management positions in the high tech industry. Mrs. Liao started her career in the banking industry before moving to the international trading business. She then was appointed a manager at GSS, the Taiwan subsidiary of GCH Systems, which succeeded in filing for public offering in Taiwan in 1989. She later took charge of over $30 million annual procurement responsibility at GCH. Clarice served as one of the executive team members while GCH acquired Award Software and took it public. She joined FutureDial Inc. in 1999 and has since served as the Executive Director of Operations. Today, Clarice takes the responsibility in Human Resource, Finance, Procurement and Operations at FutureDial. Her broad business contacts help her interact with the vendors, business alliances, and governmental agencies in the Asia Pacific Region. Clarice earned her bachelor’s degree from Providence University in Taiwan.