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FutureDial’s Lean One-Touch Integrates GSMA’s Lost/Stolen Phone Checking

Device Status Information Cross-Checked with GSMA’s IMEI Device Check Database

SUNNYVALE, CA — July 25, 2018FutureDial, the leading provider of mobile device data-clearing and processing solutions, announced today that GSMA’s Device Check service to identify the lost/stolen mobile device status has been integrated into FutureDial’s ADISA-certified Lean One-Touch™ mobile device solution for processing mobile devices.

Wireless carriers, mobile device buy-back trade-In companies, wholesalers, third-party logistics providers (3PL), mobile insurers, device repair centers and other customers that use the FutureDial Lean One-Touch™ solution for reading, testing, and data clearing mobile devices now have the integrated option of seamlessly identifying lost/stolen devices that pass through their operation lines whereas previously a costly separate stand-alone station would have been required to capture and query these International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) numbers manually. This new integration saves significant time, floor space, and labor cost for FutureDial customers that can equate to savings in the tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars per year depending on device volume.

IMEI Look Up Service – Checking for Lost, Stolen, or Counterfeit Phones

GSMA’s Device Check enables cross-referencing of a mobile phone or device against the GSMA’s reported registry of lost and stolen devices based on its IMEI number. Devices reported as lost, stolen or counterfeit to the GSMA by the wireless operator are prevented from activation on any network through an international black list. A blacklisted device is valued for parts only if it cannot be activated internationally.

Early Detection of Blacklist Devices

FutureDial’s Lean One-Touch™ solution is used for receipt/tracking, triage (functional testing), and content clearing of mobile devices that are processed in large volumes. The integration with Device Check simultaneously removes unnecessary pre-sorting stages in processing operations. Leveraging GSMA’s database helps device processors around the world identify and combat stolen, lost, or counterfeit handsets preventing unauthorized activation and blocking the introduction of these blacklisted devices from the hands of consumers in need of usable devices.

“FutureDial’s mission is to bring value to our customers through software automation and in combining multiple processes into a single touch point on the device processing line,” states FutureDial’s SVP Marketing & Customer Success, Thomas Rayas. “Integrating the GSMA’s Device Check service enables us to extend the value chain by delivering early detection of blacklisted devices, saving our customers costly time and mitigating the risk of overpaying for a potentially non-useable smartphone.”

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