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Simon Harrison

Simon Harrison is a seasoned executive with a proven track record in the telecommunications industry, currently serving as the Sales Director for EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa markets) at FutureDial. With his extensive background and valuable experience, Simon is a key driver of the company’s expansion and growth in this crucial region. Prior to […]

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Darren Madonick

As the Director of Customer Success at FutureDial, Darren plays a crucial role in ensuring the satisfaction of the company’s clients through exceptional customer service, extensive technical knowledge and successful product rollouts. Darren is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the customer success department, including managing a team of customer service technicians in the field, […]

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Frank Pipolo

Frank is FutureDial’s Vice President of Solutions Architecture. Frank brings 20 years of experience in reverse logistics solution design and delivery.  Before joining FutureDial, Frank Co-founded dataR Solutions, a start-up that delivers mobile device solutions to the reverse logistics supply chain. Frank expanded the company’s solutions portfolio and grew the customer base to include Verizon […]

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Frank Harbist is the President and CEO of FutureDial and leads all company business activities reporting to the Board of Directors. He has over 30 years of experience in the I.T. industry, with demonstrated success leading both venture-backed startups as well as global technology firms. Frank has successfully managed and grown multiple software start-ups as […]

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Jeremy Witt

Jeremy Witt has been with FutureDial since early 2020, and currently serves as the Vice President of Product Management. Prior to joining FutureDial, Mr. Witt led Product for GameStop, and held Product Portfolio Management responsibilities at Nokia. Mr. Witt has double bachelor degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Texas Tech University. When he’s […]

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Stephen R. Manning

Stephen is a senior level Information Technology executive with over 30 years of multinational experience in ecommerce, wireless, outsourcing, reverse logistics, operations, sales, marketing and finance.  Prior to joining FutureDial, Stephen served in several leading roles, including Chairman and CEO of Recellular Inc., President and CEO of CloudMSP, Senior Vice President of Solectron Global Services, […]

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Dennis Pettit

Mr. Pettit is responsible for growing business with FutureDial’s key strategic partners. Dennis has been in the wireless industry for 20 years, working in all aspects and segments of the industry: he has led operations, logistics, quality, process engineering, repair operations and sales functions with OEMs (12+ years at Nokia, Samsung, and RIM); leading operations […]

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Clarice Liao

Clarice brings to FutureDial over 10 years of PC and software experience in operations and management. She held various management positions in the high tech industry. Mrs. Liao started her career in the banking industry before moving to the international trading business. She then was appointed a manager at GSS, the Taiwan subsidiary of GCH […]

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Jason Li

Jason brings over 13 years of product development experience and 20 years of embedded software development expertise to his role of managing FutureDial’s engineering operations. Prior to joining FutureDial, Mr. Li served as V.P. of Engineering and Magicom, Inc., being responsible for engineering team management. He had also served as Engineering Director for Broadcom and […]

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Chung-Min Wang, PhD

Dr. Wang is the general manager of FutureDial Taiwan region. He brings a successful business track record and a strong software engineering background. Prior to FutureDial, he holds the business responsibilities in Taiwan region for Esmertec, the world’s leading Java ME provider. During his tenure at Esmertec, he grew Taiwan branch’s revenue by over 50% […]

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